The Technology of Food – Part 2


Now that people have made the decision to live in urban settings it is no longer so simple (as if as growing your own food and storing it for the winter is a simple easy thing) as it used to be. With urbanization came industrial scale farming and big agribusiness. The biochemical industry was quick to try […]

The Technology of Food – Part 1


A friend has (among other things) a degree in Agricultural Economics. She explained “I grew up in NYC and wanted to know where food actually came from”. Her degree led her to a job with Frito-Lay where she learned more than she really wanted to know about the distribution systems that put food in the […]

Replacing the Dishwasher


Sooner or later you will need to replace a major kitchen appliance. Call it entropy or just plain old wear & tear, but stuff eventually breaks down when you use it. The original dishwasher in Evil Auntie’s kitchen was installed when the house was built back in 1998. It was a General Electric design that had […]

Evil Auntie in Bangkok

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Thai Food is HOT, HOT, HOT! Sweet Hot Garlic Sauce Thai chili peppers Garlic Sugar Vinegar Water Salt Combine water,  vinegar, sugar & salt. Stir until dissolved. Add garlic & peppers and heat to a boil. Stir as it boils for 5 minutes and reduces to a slightly syrupy consistency. Use as a dipping sauce […]

TV Food Ads

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Found in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association If you only ate foods advertised on television, your 2,000 calorie/day diet would consist of: 25 times the recommended amount of sugars 20 times the recommended servings of fat less than half the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables and dairy the amount of grains was the […]

Potato Onion Soup – or is it Porrage?


Last night I had a craving for potato leek soup – but – was out of leeks. So I made a few adjustments and somehow cooked the food of the gods with what was in the cupboard. This is not a white soup – it will be brown with shredded red potato skins. Process: Cut […]

Preheating the Oven

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In several videos, we’ve mentioned that the oven must be preheated.   Why is this important? Fragile dishes such as meringues and souffles can be harmed by the strong air current generated by the rising combustion products (hot gases) generated in a gas oven. Airflow in a gas oven will surge as the burners are […]

Coatings on Fruits & Vegetables


Every fall, my grandparents would ask my father to drive us all up into the Boston Mountains of Arkansas to see the leaves turn and shop for bushels of apples at the roadside stands. The bushel baskets were soon emptied as we feasted on fresh apples through the holidays.* Now I don’t know whether you’ve […]

Strawberry Shortcake


Yum! Made for Mother’s Day.  A homemade sponge cake topped with fresh strawberries – mostly cut, some crushed, and sugar to taste. Though today’s shortcakes are made of a biscuit or sponge cake base, earlier American recipes called for pieces of pie crust to be used.  This variety was particularly popular in the American South.  […]

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